Ideas for Christmas with the family!

Spotify lists of the best Christmas carols, family planning tips, movies, education tips, and more!

We are very excited about the good reception the Institution's blog has received. We share with you 5 new articles that we published this December. We hope you enjoy this Christmas with your family:

• 20 movies to watch as a family this Christmas. Classic, fantasy Christmas movies for younger children, teenagers, Catholics and more! Christmas is a beautiful time full of excitement and moments to share with the whole family. But let’s not be fooled the little ones ’nerves are skyrocketing and the plans to fill all the free hours are running out just like our energy. It is at these times that a good movie can be our best ally.

• How to motivate your child to study. The motivation for the study does not come out of nowhere, it is not created in a magical way, it has to be built step by step. Patricia del Campo, a teacher at the Igualada Institution, offers us some tips to encourage this motivation and make our children's study time more efficient.

• 10 Spotify playlists with the best carols. Christmas is here and it's time to put on a party soundtrack to brighten up the atmosphere. But how do we agree on which carols to listen to? Many times we repeat the four we already know by heart or put a disc or playlist in a loop. To prevent this from happening, here are 10 Spotify playlists with a variety of carols for all tastes!

• Music and creativity at home this Christmas! Maria Creu Sánchez, music teacher at the Institución les Alzines, explains the importance of music and the different arts for the development of children. We also share 9 ideas for working on art education at home this Christmas.

• Letter to the Kings vs. shopping list. During the days before -or weeks, in many cases- at Christmas, one of the concerns of young and old is the letter to the Magi. For different reasons, obviously. But many of them, especially their parents, are sure to be helped by the advice of Milly Suárez, a home teacher at the Institució Mallorca (Aixa), who has recently given a session under the title SOS Reis Mags.

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