Tell me a story

"Tell me a story" is a multilingualism project in preschool

With this project, students work on creativity, increase their vocabulary, gain self-confidence and promote interpersonal relationships.

Each student in the P5 class learns a story, rondalla or cartoon to tell it to their classmates assuming the role of narrator. With the help of their family and two weeks in advance, the children choose the story they want. The activity lasts approximately 30 minutes in total and is carried out once a week during the course so that all students can carry it out.

It is a voluntary activity but highly recommended due to the number of objectives it seeks to achieve: it increases group cohesion, favors creativity, increases vocabulary, reinforces educational messages such as the detection and solution of possible conflicts, virtues and interpersonal relationships. In addition, each of the students is given prominence, who gain self-confidence and families are involved in their children's learning.

The experience is very successful in class and at home!