Celebration of Corpus Christi in Aixa

Procession in the cloister of the school

This Sunday the Church celebrates the feast of Corpus Christi, and in Aixa we wanted to join the celebration. Don Angel has exhibited the Holy Eucharist, and we have done a procession around the cloister of the school.

Students, mothers and teachers have been in charge of decorating everything with flowers, and girls have brought petals from their homes. In addition, the students who received their first Eucharist this year have come with their dresses and accompanied the Holy Eucharist throughout the procession.

 We've all been delighted, it's been a very special moment, because in Aixa over the school year we attach great importance to the Eucharist, essentially with the weekly Holy Masses and the Adorations we have every first Thursday of the month, so we couldn't stop celebrating this great feast.

Even the youngest have been present and very attentive to everything that goes on, they have thrown many kisses to the altar and they have taken the stamp of Atrium home.

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